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For 72 years, cemented carbides and cemented carbide tools for machining, forming and wear protection have been manufactured in Immelborn, Thuringia, to the highest quality standards and exported worldwide.

TRIBO Hartstoff GmbH is today one of the leading manufacturers of carbide products.

This was made possible by our committed employees, coupled with investments in the millions in state-of-the-art production facilities, air-conditioning and storage technology, which have been made in recent years.

This has created all the prerequisites to make TRIBO Hartstoff GmbH fit for the requirements of tomorrow's carbide market.

Today, TRIBO Hartstoff GmbH offers a secure workplace for over 260 employees. Employees who identify with their workplace, who are satisfied and highly qualified.

The fluctuation is low: More than 100 employees have been working for the company for 10 years or longer. 13 employees for over 40 years.

Become part of our dynamic and motivated team. Develop and produce the carbide products of the future with us.

Be inspired and join us on a small factory tour:

programming station
CNC programs for the turning/milling centres are created at the programming station using modern CAM software. For this purpose, volume models are used as a basis, which are provided by the design department.
blank processing
State-of-the-art turning/milling technology (DMG and EMCO) is available for processing the green compacts in carbide production.
die sinking technology
Carbide and steel components are machined here with high precision erosion.
In our tool production plant we use modern die-sinking EDM technology.
die sinking machine
An employee is also working at a die sinking machine here.
3D-coordinate measuring machine
The manufactured tools are measured in the micrometer range on a 3D coordinate measuring machine before use.
dry pressing machine
An automatic dry pressing machine for direct pressing of carbide parts.
sintering plant
In the sintering plant, the desired properties of the cemented carbide are adjusted by special heat treatment processes over a process time of several hours.
scope copy machines
An employee grinds sintered carbide parts at a fully automatic CNC-scope copy machines.
surface grinding machine
A workstation at a CNC surface grinding machine. This allows even larger carbide parts to be machined.
quality check
In order to meet the high quality demands of TRIBO Hartstoff GmbH, it goes without saying that we carry out a complete inspection of all products before they are delivered to our customers.